A Search Engine Optimisation Business in Birmingham

Obtaining high positions on Google and other search engines will enable you to reach customers, who are already looking online for your products and services. SeadOak has been helping local businesses in Birmingham achieve consistent traffic increases to their websites using search engine optimisation (SEO) and other digital marketing techniques, such as social media promotions. Keeping up with Google’s constant changes to it’s search engine method can be complicated, but we can help.

SEO impressions

Why Are Page One Search Engine Rankings Important?

Getting to the top of search engine rankings, including Google and Bing, means that your customers can find you much easier. Most people don’t like to shop around, so making sure your website is the first thing they see for their query means you’re more likely to receive their custom. Customers recognise that businesses with page one rankings are good at what they do.

SeadOak can help your business find the best keywords and achieve top positions with major search engines. We have lots of experience with getting other local businesses in Birmingham to the top of their keyword search results, and we can do the same for you.

What Are SEO Techniques?

Search engine optimisation techniques are wide and varied. Ones you may have heard of include creating content, doing keyword research and link building. We use these, plus many more to improve your organic search traffic. By improving search results using tools such as the Google Search Console, Google Analytics and more, we can help both big and small businesses reach potential customers.

Search Engine Results

Below are charts of independently Google verified results. SeadOak has achieved these results for two Birmingham businesses using highly competitive keywords.

One Year of SEO with SeadOak

1 year of SEO with SeadOak

Two Years of SEO with SeadOak

Six Years of SEO with SeadOak

Over a period of 6 years, we have helped one dentist overtake and leave their competition for dust.

6 years SEO with SeadOak

Seven Years of SEO with SeadOak

Over a period of 7 years, we have helped a student landlord in Birmingham consistently find more tenants online year on year.

Would you like to see these results for your website? SeadOak can help do the same for you. Use the form below to send us a message about your website and what you would like to achieve for your business.