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Is improving your IT services a priority this year? Read on to find out how we can help.

  • Remote IT Support – We can provide you with 24 hour, on and offshore service desk support services. Find out more about our IT support.
  • On-site Support – Wherever you are in mainland UK or Australia, we can arrange a support agreement that will provide you with rapid response times. Find out more about our IT support.
  • IT Field Services – We have field engineers in Birmingham and London. We have enough capacity to provide rapid response times. Find out more about our IT support.
  • System Development and Consultancy – Do you need to improve your processes but your systems are getting in the way? Contact us to discuss a solution.
  • ITILv3 IT Management Consultancy – With Qualified ITIL consultants we can improve your ITIL maturity and alignment or bid responses.

SeadOak’s Digital Marketing Services from £95

Do you need to give your marketing a boost this year? We can help get you there.

  • Search Engine Optimisation – Would you like to see more traffic to your website? We will improve your search engine position. Find out more about our SEO services here.
  • Social Media Campaigns – We will design an engaging campaign for your business to gain you more followers and to sell your products and services. Read more about our Social Media services.
  • Internet Advertising – Are you baffled by Bing and Google Ads? We’ve been getting results for years. We will design a campaign to help you lower your costs per click and increase your conversions.

SeadOak’s Consulting Services

  • Business Development – SeadOak can help you write a business plan and identify the best ways for expanding your business and profitability.
  • Move Forward(R) – Move Forward is SeadOak’s method to improve your process efficiency and save unneeded expenditure from your business using proven techniques; based on LEAN processes.

We offer Flexible Service packages. Many of SeadOak’s Service Packages have no minimum term and can be altered to the changing needs of your business.

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